We Are Excited To Announce The 2024 SEBF Scholarship Winners!

Annual SEBF Scholarship Ceremony – 2024

Announcing The 2024 SEBF Scholarship Awardees

We are excited to announce the recipients of the annual SEBF scholarship: Ashley Rodgers, Dominick Messuri, Jayla Richardson, and Mia Bella Jones. Each one of these recipients was chosen because of their commitment to the values we adhere to at the Susie E. Barnes Foundation. As an organization, our primary goal is to carry on the legacy of Susie Ethel Barnes, who lived her life with respect, a dedication to education, generosity, and prayer. We have no doubt that the scholars who have received this award will further her legacy by exemplifying the values instilled by Susie E. Barnes, and in the process, build memorable legacies of their own.

To view the complete gallery of photos taken during the 2024 scholarship ceremony, click here.

Ashley Rodgers

Dominick Messuri

Jayla Richardson

Mia Bella Jones

We would once again like to congratulate our 2024 scholarship winners on their impressive accomplishment! We can’t wait to see the great things you will do. We would also like to thank our generous donors who make events like this possible. If you are interested in contributing to our foundation, please feel free to donate by following this link – any amount is deeply appreciated. Keep pushing!

Annual Scholarship Ceremonies

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