We Are Excited To Announce The 2024 SEBF Scholarship Winners!
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Annual SEBF Scholarship Ceremony – 2023

Announcing The 2023 SEBF Scholarship Awardees

We’re delighted to reveal the winners of this year’s SEBF scholarship: Nadia Simms and Alexandra Long. These scholars were chosen not only for their academic accomplishments but also their deep commitment to the ideals we hold dear at the Susie E. Barnes Foundation.

We’re here to continue the work of Susie Ethel Barnes, who lived a life of respect, was devoted to education, and practiced generosity and prayer. We have every confidence that Nadia and Alexandra, as our scholarship recipients, will embody these same values and in doing so, carve out their own remarkable legacies.

Pictured below are the two scholarship winners, Nadia Simms (left) and Alexandra Long (right).

Headshot of Nadia Simms, winner of the 2023 Susie E. Barnes Foundation scholarship award.

A gallery of images taken at the 2023 scholarship ceremony.

As an organization we are honored to have the opportunity to assist bright young minds in our community and to further the legacy of Susie E. Barnes. We would like to once again congratulate our scholarship winners on their impressive achievements, and we know that you will continue to forge your path of excellence as you embark further on your academic journey. For those interested in applying for the 2024 scholarship, please visit this link to apply. As always, keep pushing.

Annual Scholarship Ceremonies

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